Currently, foreign companies are re-directing to invest in Vietnam because production cost saving and profuse skilled-workers. However, many of them does not invest in building factory. Thus, they look for partners who provide factory for rent services.

Foreseeing this demand, KIZUNA QUANG NGAI JSC, was established in April 2012, to build factory for rent project with the scale of 13,000 m2 at Tinh Phong Industrial Zone, Quang Ngai province based on the standards and production requirements from customers.

This is the first factory for rent model meeting the standard of electronic production industry of Japan.

One of our strategic partners is Forster Electronics Corporation - Japan.

Besides of providing large-scale factory for rent services, we are researching to expand our investment in building small and medium scale factory for rent, provide total solutions and also tailored module services meeting the diversed demand of foreign companies.