Training programs

1. Based on human resource development policy, Hoa Mai periodically organizes training sessions to improve skills and will disseminate the new menu for Chef Manager.

2. In the process, the company also organizes examinations for upgrading level for all the staff, kitchen employees and the Chefs, who desire to develop at work.

3. To diversify forms of service, to meet the needs of customers, the Company Board of Directors has set up an advanced training program for Chef positions to participate in training sessions at the best culinary school in the city.

4. The managers, who are new-comers, will be trained with a full instruction from the other departments in order to impart basic knowledge for Management department which will meet the job requirements as well as the customer's request

5. With a dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled team of chefs, we always have an exchanging-chef program to bring a new taste and refreshing style to customers.

6. To follow the legislation on food hygiene and safety, company invites medical officers to disseminate food hygiene and safety for all the employees.