Customer Service

In order to make a good relationship and deep gratitude to the customers using company's services:

1. Send flowers to congratulate customers’ anniversary.

2. Special gifts on women’s day

3. Special gifts for customers on Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year...

4. Organize monthly meetings with Labor unions, factory management.

5. Organize periodically meetings to receive staff’s opinion.

6. Make a order record of service, daily order suggestions.

7. Support the activities of the client company.

8. Human resource exchanging program: With a dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled team of chefs, we always have an exchanging-chef program to bring a new taste and refreshing style to customers.

9. The menu will be prepared and sent to the customers one week earlier. The menu will always be changing and not duplicate within 30 days, in order to renew the taste and make a balance of nutrition in every meal.