Founded in 1995 and officially operated in 2002 , spending 10 years with relentless efforts by dedicated leadership of the company as well as all the staff, Hoa Mai Trading and Services Co., Ltd. has affirmed our brand and our class as one of the top companies in catering industry in Vietnam.

Known as a pioneer company in the improving, advancing and creating meals for workers and employees, we have not stopped learning to meet the demand of customers all the times. We are always interested in understanding the needs and concerns from the Management team of client companies that desire to bring your employees good health. Therefore, our motto is "Caring meals for customers is to protect the health of the people.".

Currently, our company provides more than 150,000 meals / day from north to south for more than 35 clients, in which 85% of customers are Japanese, 10% are from Taiwan, South Korea and the rest are local customers and customers from Europe... In the competitive market, with a sense of responsibility and ethics, we commit to best quality of products, the most professional service, team of 1,800 skilled employees, the management system with ISO standard 22000:2005 that will bring trust and pleasant to customers using the services of our company.