Plus One – Healthy supplements

Around 500 years B.C , Greek famous physician, Dr. Hippocrates awared of the importance of food over disease and wrote: "Let's use food as medicine".

In the '80s, Japanese government funded a research program about the benefis of food over health. In 1991, the term "functional foods" was first raised in Japan.

Japan is a country with highest average life expectancy in the world. Functional food/ Dietary supplement plays an important role in contributing to improving health, immune system to protect against diseases. Since then, many other countries has also started to focus on these new healthy products.

Functional foods are easily accepted, as a vital demand in social development tendency, especially the benefits when using, we can be more active to take care of our health.

With the objective of best caring for public health, and the long-term reputation with Japanese partners, KIZUNA strategically cooperates with the leading prestigious pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan so as to bring the high quality dietary supplements from Japan to Vietnamese consumers, through our brand PLUS ONE. We are proud to be the first company distributing Japanese dietary supplements and caring the consumers health professionally.

Setting consumers health on top, KIZUNA ensures our all activities will follow the guideline: "Human health, social welfare".