In 2012, capturing the demand of investment of foreign enterprises in Vietnam market, especially demand for renting workshop to increase competitive advantage, Kizuna Quang Ngai JSC was established in May 4, 2012 to implement the project of construction of workshop for rent with 13.000m2 scale at Tinh Phong Industrial Zone, Quang Ngai Province. This is the first model of workshop for rent that meets the production standards of electronic industry in Japan.

Kizuna Quang Ngai JSC had run the workshop project in just 5 months and finished in Oct 2012 as soon as it has been hired and come into operation by a company’s strategic partner, which is an electronic corporation, Foster Vietnam. .

Kizuna invests not only workshops for rent, but also the utilities and associated services, such as canteen catering service,... This helps customers rapidly deploy business operations, cost savings, ease of integration and peace of mind to concentrate resources for production in order to bring the highest efficiency.

With this initial success, Kizuna Quang Ngai JSC hopes to continue expanding our workshop for rent in many other provinces in the country and aims to build our brand with the top quality and prestige in VN.